We Provide Online Order Hosting Services

What is hosting?

Hosting is put your restaurant pages on our server for browsing. Behind your pages, we backup them with KeyFour Restaurant and KeyFour Online, the full functions, most powerful restaurant systems.  

What can you do with it?

KeyFour Restaurant can take care dining inside your restaurant and handle takeout orders. KeyFour Online can handle online orders, banquet reservation and catering from customers on the Internet. Other than that, KeyFour online can also be used in fast food restaurants.

Please try the following hosting samples:
Pizza World | Gor Bin Restaurant

Why hosting with us?

Today most hosting host only web pages, does not have online order or reservation. Even though some of them have online ordering; they uses only form style, far way from satisfaction. Our systems are not only support in restaurant dining, but also online ordering and reservation. With KeyFour and KeyFour Online, you can handle everything that restaurants need. More ever, both systems provide scrolling image ordering. The systems display some pre-selected dishes in form of images from each category, scrolling them on the screen; customers simply clicking on the image to order the dish. The systems also have alarm functionality; the alarm sounds when orders from customers arrival to signal employees for processing. Therefore, employees can focus on their current jobs, but also process orders adequately.

You may still have some questions on how our systems work for online ordering. The following steps may give you some ideas.
 1. First time user must register before ordering. New accounts must be approved by a restaurant employee; this is a one time process.
 2. All internet orders must be approve by an employee before sending to kitchen for further processing. When new order arrival, alarm will sound to signal employee for attention.
 3. Once approval orders entering the kitchen, the kitchen alarm will sound to signal chefs for attention.

We create a restaurant page for your restaurant free of charge. If you like our systems, the systems can also be installed in your restaurant, which works exactly as what we provided.

Advantage of hosting:
Reduce cost and technical problems; no software is needed. All you need is one to two computers that have Internet connection. We handle all technical problems for you. Low cost, vast business opportunities, with online ordering and reservation will attract more new customers. Under today's competitive environment, our hosting can definitely benefit you and increase your orders and banquet reservations.
Disadvantage of hosting
Speed is slower because of the Internet.

Monthly: $30 

The first month is free, and you can cancel hosting any time for any reasons.